Sassy Cat Lip Balm
Sassy Cat Lip Balm

Sassy Cat Lip Balm

Civilized Sasquatch

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Named after the ferocious Jaguar this natural scented lip balm destroys dryness with a Swayze-style roadhouse kick through a plate glass window.  Local beeswax and beef tallow team up with refreshing notes of citrus and mint to crush annoying chapped lips and bring relief without any bullsh*t fake strawberry smells.

This lip balm will moisturize your lips for hours. Locally sourced beeswax and beeftallow create the baseline for this product add a hint of coconut oil, EVOO and organic botanicals, it has everything you need for soft conditioned lips. Simple ingredients, amazing results!

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Vendor: Josh Csenar | Civilized Sasquatch Artisan Products for Men


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