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Beard Oil

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What's manlier than growing a wicked-ass beard that shames all that fall into it's shade? Taming that sh*t and conditioning it with our natural line of beard oils. Pull the Squatch into the modern world and prevent your beard from consuming your face with our uncompromising ingredients and unique scents. You've spent the testosterone growing the beast, now rein it in.

We infuse beef tallow, EVOO, coconut oil and essential oils with organic botanicals to create a scent that is light refreshing and subtle. You will not smell like your grandmas bathroom - our guarantee!  

Beard oil moisturizes facial hair and the skin beneath. This serum will keep your beard and face from becoming dry and itchy, prevent dandruff, give a subtle shine to your beard and help you smell fantastic.

Our products are small batch hand-crafted from locally sourced ingredients, we never use artificial preservatives or chemicals.  


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Vendor: Josh Csenar | Civilized Sasquatch Artisan Products for Men


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