Weaver in Wine Country

Vendor location: Oliver

Weaving is such an amazing process. Making something from a ball of string, or a plant that may grow in your garden, or fiber from an animal. Beauty is also amazing. I believe the things we touch everyday should be unique and beautiful. Therefore, I weave.

I love the Okanagan and the beauty of the desert. I keep a common palate of colours in my pieces that can be mixed/matched in future purchases. Right now my products are hand towels, bath towels, table runners, mug rugs (aka coasters), and some small purses for a smart phone and a set of keys. My inventory will always be changing and unique, I continue to explore new textures, fibers, and weaving patterns that have been around for many years. When I weave, I make a common warp for 10 items, once they are gone, they are gone.

Each product inspires the next idea. People who purchase my products are amazed how the items only get better with time. No more saving things “ for good”. The more they are used, the softer and better they become. Manufactured products do not compare. I enjoy feedback and look forward to meeting you at the Oliver Night Market during the summer months.