Intersection Estate Winery


Intersection Estate Winery was established in 2009 with a clear mandate: to discover and prove what our region grows best, and to craft wines that best exhibit those attributes.

We are dedicated to the hands-on farming and creation of wines that express a sense of place, and reflect the potential of our unique and exceptional terroirs.

Our philosophy of allowing the vineyard to guide our decisions has produced a focused portfolio of wines. Each is an authentic expression of a season, a soil, and the sum of our experience in making wines of consistent quality and fidelity.

At Intersection Estate Winery, you'll be glad you crossed our path.


Intersection Estate is a 10-acre vineyard planted at high density on Oliver's Golden Mile. Grapevine varieties are matched to the varying slope, aspect and soil composition to allow even ripening and honest expression of fruit flavors and aromas. The vineyard is cultivated with natural, sustainable, and organic farming techniques.
Our winery is small, well-equipped, modern, and versatile. Gentle fruit handling and minimal intervention are key elements in winemaking informed by science, tradition, and constant observation.  Intersection makes wines with no compromise, and represents a personal and intellectual challenge to raise the bar of quality and authenticity for Canadian wines.   

Intersection wines are driven by the unique terroir of Oliver's historic Golden Mile. A geological quilt of intermingling soils, offering vibrant morning sun and cooler afternoons, our 10 acres are beautifully suited for both red and white grapes. Our flagship though is Merlot, with which we demonstrate a range of characteristics that equally credit our land, our winemaker, and the beloved grape itself. 

Vinstitute Wine School

In the spring of 2016, Intersection became home to the new Vinstitute Wine School, a non-proprietary educational outreach dedicated to increasing awareness and appreciation of BC wines as a whole. Offering stand-alone weekly classes that examine a range of instructive wines from Intersection and its neighbouring wineries, instructor Moss Scheurkogel strives to educate his students in the intricacies that make wine so special.

For more information about the Vinstitute, including class times and fees, visit

To speak with Moss, contact him at 


Tasting Bar Hours: 

Open 7 days a week, all year round
10:00 am - 5:00 pm: May-Oct
10:30 am - 4:30 pm: Nov-Apr


450 Road 8, off the corner of Highway 97 just south of Oliver, BC




Vinstitute Wine School