Civilized Sasquatch Artisan Products for Men

Vendor location: Kelowna

At Civilized Sasquatch we meticulously handcraft all of our products in small batches with care in Kelowna. We do not use any harsh chemicals, preservatives or artificial scents. Our products contain ingredients that are foraged, grown or locally sourced where possible. All of our products are gentle on the skin unscented or lightly scented and they clean and nourish well, yet are very gently on the environment.

This isn't your typical over-rated, top-knot wearing, lumber-sexual by-product of the hipster movement. This is old school, implementing techniques and recipes long forgotten by those willing to overpay for plaid and need their girlfriend's help parking their truck. Real ingredients for the real man!! Beef fat, whiskey, smoked pine, bacon, tobacco, nothing for the faint of heart.

Take a stand against the ever-growing metrosexual-middle, embrace your inner redneck, and treat yourself to a product designed for the true Canadian man!

- Josh Csenar