Blue Sky Estate Winery


The Toor family immigrated to North America in 1994 from Punjab, India. They have been calling the South Okanagan home for many years. Originally tending their orchards, the family has been farming here since 2002.

Harpreet and Navpreet are the proprietors of this family owned and operated winery. Together with the help of their three children, Navi, Siraj and Imraj, they have opened and launched Blue Sky Estate winery.

During harvest it is all hands on deck with Harpeet and Navpreet at the helm.  The entire extended family comes out to help.  



The site of the vineyard is very special. The property has a gentle slope from West to East towards Osoyoos Lake. The combination of the slope and the cooler lake temperatures maintains constant air flow throughout the vineyard. This helps protect the vineyard from early spring and late fall frost damage. Being located in Osoyoos means the grapes see a lot of sun. Just like South Okanagan tourists, the grapes enjoy the hot weather.

At the winery site grows: 

  • one acre of Viognier
  • two acres of Syrah
  • four acres of Cabernet Franc
  • three acres of Cabernet Sauvignon

The wine making comes easier with high quality grapes, "We let the grapes shape the wine and tell their own story." says proprietor and winemaker, Navpreet Toor. "We do not force the grapes to become the wine we want".

"Opening a winery is a many year investment," Harpreet tells, "You must have wine ready to sell before you open your doors. Depending on the wine it may take up to two years before you can sell that bottle to the consumer."


 Tasting Room & Wine Shop:

Open Daily from 11:00am to 4:00pm 
Closed from December 23rd 2017 to Jan 6th 2018 
Off Season, call 250-485-2632 for appointment

11621 87th St.
Osoyoos BC, V0H 1V1
Off Season, call 250-485-2632