10% of the OK shop purchases will be going to Made By Dyslexia this month! #giftofdyslexia


10% of all purchases made on the OK shop this month will go towards supporting an incredible global charity called Made By Dyslexia!

Fun fact: 40% of all self made millionaires are dyslexic and a few of the worlds most famous dyslexics include: Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Jim Carrey, Leonardo De Vinci and Richard Branson!

This charity is on a mission to share with society what a gift dyslexia is as 97% of people think of dyslexia as a disability and disadvantage when in fact dyslexics have brilliant minds and it is a gift and ability that must be identified and nurtured! 

"Dyslexic minds process information in divergent, lateral ways. In fact they’ve created some of the world's greatest inventions, brands and art. However many still perceive dyslexia as a disadvantage. Education systems aren’t designed for dyslexic thinking, and most teachers aren't trained to identify dyslexia, meaning many dyslexics go through life without knowing they’re dyslexic or understanding their brilliant potential.We want to ensure all dyslexics are identified, inspired and enabled to reach their potential."

Help us spread the word about the gift of dyslexia! Please check out the video below and support them by following Made By Dyslexia!

VIDEO: The world sees dyslexia as a disadvantage - it's not.





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