The hunt for delicioso - Mexican style!

After a recent Mexican restaurant experience where there was no guacamole in sight and an order of not so scrumptious nachos followed up by an overpriced bill ... the OK team took it upon ourselves to find a Mexican restaurant in the OKanagan with four non negotiables: 

1) Easy on the pockets

2) Cozy, relaxed atmosphere


4) Must have GUAC! 

First thing you should do when you have such a task at hand .... talk to your Peruvian foodie friend and get the low down! We connected with the fabulous Edgar as we thought he might have the inside scoop! He did. 

A 30 minute drive throughout the beautiful OKanagan later and we found ourselves at Latin Fiesta - Dos Chiles Restaurant in Kelowna! From the outside ... you may not be overly attracted to the place but don't let that fool you for what awaits on the inside is pure latin B.L.I.S.S. and this is indeed a hidden gem that you may not know about unless you're in the Okanagan foodie loop! 

When you walk in the door you are greeted by friendly staff and an inviting, authentic cafeteria style atmosphere. But funky decor and friendly faces are just the beginning of this place! Lets get into the food ... 

We ordered nachos, tostadas, tacos and two drinks for a whopping $18.00! Yes .. $6.00 nachos which are a phenomenal share plate - fully loaded and smothered in guacamole goodness. The tacos and enchiladas were fresh and flavourful and hit the spot! All the items came with extremely freshly made sauces with our favourite being their spicy sauce - if you like HEAT they have you covered! 

We will definitely be back to work our way through the menu ... sooner than later! Thank you Edgar and thank you Latin Fiesta - Dos Chiles Restaurant for the eats!

Do you know of any delicious hidden gems in the OKanagan? Leave a comment below we would love to hear from you! 

Website: Latin Fiesta - Dos Chiles Restaurant




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