OKanagan living and artistic journeys with Christine Butler from Art By Tess Studio.

This March we are thrilled to have Christine Butler from Art by Tess Studio be our Vendor of the month! Get to know her a bit better in this one on one interview we had the luxury of having with her and be sure to check out her Vendor Shop and art pieces available on the market afterwards! 

Art By Tess Studio 


OK: Did you grow up in the Okanagan? If not how did you stumble upon OK Falls living? 

CB: I was born in Vernon, my father was in the Canadian Forces so we lived across Canada which included Quebec, Ontario and the Yukon then finally settling in the Fraser Valley. We moved to the Okanagan to return to my roots and an obviously great place to bring up children of which I have two. 

OK: Your favourite thing to do in the Okanagan during the winter and summer months?

CB: We spend most of our time enjoying the beaches and enjoying what the Okanagan has to offer. 

OK: Tell us your story on how Art By Tess Studio came about?

CB: I have always been on the creative side, but have never actually tried doing much art work. My daughter and I enjoyed refinishing furniture and the like, then my health had a set back. I started looking for techniques I could learn so it started me on the artistic adventure to which we both enjoy together. I have so much to learn but love the process.


OK: You make various art pieces ... do you have a favourite style you enjoy making the most? And are there any things you make that we don't know about? 

CB:  I am still looking for my niche but the journey is so much fun . I am always searching to try new ideas and techniques.

OK: Your long lost relative is coming to visit the Okanagan and only has one day to explore! Where do you take them? 

CB: When I have company from out of town the place we always like to go is the beaches and wineries of course! I live a stones throw away from about 10 wineries!

OK: What are your personal and business plans for this 2018?

CB: I have no big plans for Art by Tess Studios ... we would like to donate pieces for fund raising towards a good cause, perhaps sell a few pieces to be able to buy supplies. We are passionate about painting and if we can help anyone along the way then we have achieved our goal!


Christine's Vendor Shop: Art by Tess Studio


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