Meet Wayce from Made With Love: November Vendor of the Month

We are thrilled to introduce Wayce Bartels, our November Vendor of the month!

We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about life in Naramata and her business Made With Love!   

OK: Tell us a bit about your journey with your business Made With Love!

WB: My journey has even full of learning! Every step of the way I learn something new, something exciting and I've been enjoying every moment. I love creating and I love making products that actually work that people get excited about.

OK: What are your personal and business plans for 2018?

WB: My personal plans are to spend some more time on myself, doing all the things I love and enjoying every day. My business plans are to hopefully launch into a couple small all natural stores by the end of spring!

OK: We live in such a mass produced society now - why should people continue to buy things by hand?

WB: I think purchasing items produced by hand is extremely important... as a society in such a hectic world we need to get back to the basics... to healthy, wholesome, good for you items that don't hurt the environment or ourselves.


OK: What was your favourite thing about growing up in Naramata and what do you love about living the OKanagan lifestyle?

WB: Naramata is an amazing village. Kids grew up slow and everyone watched over each other like a big family. Naramata is full of love, art, beauty, hopes and dreams and you really felt that as a child. I was very blessed to grow up here and even though a lot has changed in the last 20 years it is still the most beautiful place to be.


OK: How would you describe your style? Are there any crafters/artists/designers/makers that you particularly look up to?

WB: Natural, homey, earthy. Anyone that creates their own goods I look up to.


OK: What are your favourite things to do with your time off?

WB: I love anything outdoors, mountain biking, the beach, hiking, snowboarding and of course crafting!

OK: Name a fun fact about yourself!

WB: I like to paint my chickens toenails to match mine sometimes.


OK: We finish this interview and you step outside to find you have won 10 million dollars … what do you do?

WB: Pay off my mortgage, buy my mom and my brother a house, give my closest friends some to help with their mortgages... give back to the community. Travel with my hubby!


Wayce's Shop: Made With Love

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