Meet our December Vendor of the month: Tammy Dammann from Plein De Vie Jewelry

We are thrilled to introduce Tammy Dammann, our December Vendor of the month!

We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about herself and her business Plein De Vie Jewelry!



OK: Tell us about your journey to Plein De Vie!

TD: I have always been in a family that has been creative from wood working to home renovations and sewing.  As I have just retired in May 2017, I needed to find something to do and had a passion to get back to my creative side.  I have always loved jewelry but could not always afford a lot and wanted to take this opportunity to design pieces that are affordable with a variety of price points.  Jewelry is a personal investment and my goal is to design pieces that will outlast time.  Jewelry is one accessory that always complements the beauty that already exists.  



OK: What are your personal and business plans for 2018? 

TD: My personal goals for 2018 is to work on health and fitness and spend more time with my husband as I have been away quite a bit.  For the business, it is focusing on social media and bringing awareness to my product through branding and creativity using a variety of tools.  I am also hoping to do a few more markets this Spring and Summer so that customers in the area can get a chance to see the products close up.  I will also be working on more silversmithing projects in designing rings as well as painting more Christmas ornaments for 2018.  Also looking to take a few more courses to enhance my skill set for silversmithing.

OK: We live in such a mass produced society now - why should people continue to buy things made by hand? 

TD: My focus is on producing smaller quantities which represent the simpler things in life while bringing out the beauty as each piece is created.  I find a great deal of pleasure when I see a smile on the Customers face when they wear the product purchased.  My goal is to create designs that can be worn today and also be enjoyed for years to come.  All pieces are timeless and made with high quality materials.  I also stand behind each piece that I produce.  I offer flexibility where I can modify pieces per the Customer's request when they want something a little different. 

OK: Where did you grow up and what do you love about living the OKanagan lifestyle? 

TD: I grew up in Eastern Canada and some parts of the US but have spent the last 37 years in Western Canada.  I have been living in the Okanagan for the last 10 years.  The lifestyle, beauty and water is what prompted my move here.  In my early years we lived by the Ocean and Lakes and always had a calling to get back to the water and nature.  

OK: How would you describe your style? Are there any crafters/artists/designers/makers that you particularly look up to?

TD: My style is natural, classic and sporty with a little bit of free spirit.  I have collected art from Sharon Moore Foster and have always loved the variety of mediums she uses in her work.  I have also followed a jeweler that I worked with a few years back to design a few pieces for me.  The whole process from concept to design to finished product peaked my interest even more and led me to where I am today.



OK: What are your favourite things to do with your time off? 

TD: My favourite things are spending time with my husband and friends, swimming, travelling, kayaking, snowshoeing and enjoying the Okanagan with its beauty and activities offered and dining out once in a while.  We are also wanting to do some more exploring of the surrounding areas.  We tend to go for drives quite a bit to explore coffee shops and small town offerings.

OK: Name a fun fact about yourself!

TD: I have a twin sister.



OK: We finish this interview and you step outside to find you have won 10 million dollars … what do you do?

TD: First of all we would take a step back and prioritize the charitable organizations that we donate to in order to establish appropriate funding to meet growing requirements such as the Children's hospital, cancer research, program to help with education, etc.  We would also help out our families to ensure they are financially set and maybe travel the world a bit. 


Tammy's Shop: Plein De Vie Jewelry  

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