EATOLOGY: The Science of Great Fresh Food

 EATOLOGY: [eet] [ol-uh-jee]


A corner diner attached to a Greyhound Station? Yes. This is EATOLOGY and you will not want to miss it. If you don't drive you may even want to take the Greyhound straight here from wherever you are to indulge.  the OK team's new food obsession! EATOLOGY: The Science of Great Fresh Food. This slogan cultivates everything we found here at EATOLOGY. 

A few of the menu offerings ... 

Prawn Lettuce Boat | DIRTY FRIES | Spinach Mandarin Salad | Buddha Bowl | Chicken & Waffles Sandwich | Pulled Pork or Porschetta Sandwich | Mexican Skillet | Corned Beef Hash | BBQ Chicken Flatbread 



This diner has some of the most delicious plates I have had the luxury of biting into not only in the Okanagan but BC and beyond. You are able to choose from healthy options (my personal favourite being the Spinach Mandarin Salad with focaccia bread made in house) all the way to dirty fries (yes, dirty fries!) and chicken and waffles! You will usually find it quite busy but the staff handle it well with a number system and always exceptionally friendly and prompt service! If you can manage to head in after the lunch rush this is your best bet to no lineups, but if you can't beat the line up just join it because it is well worth the wait! Not only is the menu delicious inside and out but it is easy on the pockets to boot. 

Eclectic fun decor tops this place off. Environment is everything and EATOLOGY exceeds expectations in this department. There is an abundance of art, funky lighting, a chalk wall, pillows and my favourite colour teal splashed here and there throughout the diner tops it off! 



If you have time to head to Vernon - or even if you don't - just make the time! It is well worth it and your taste buds will thank you! 

My only complaint: I truly wish they were open 24 hours! You can head to EATOLOGY 6:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:00 a.m. - 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday! 



3100 30 St

Vernon, BC V1T 5E2

FB: @eatologyvernon




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